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Pizzawala’s – A brand truly made differently

Big Brand Challenge

Pizzawala’s – A brand truly made differently

Starting as Curry On Crust with a single store in Canton, Pizzawala’s has come a long way and performed well among the native American audience. But almost a year and a half back, the brand needed a 360° revamp to amplify its digital presence and engagement.

Since its inception, no marketing or branding efforts were put into the promotion of the brand. It was solely thriving upon the quality product and excellent service. So, we set out to elevate the entire brand and their great customer experience – and make sure everyone in the USA knows that Pizzawala’s serves fusion pizzas.

Pivotal Groundwork (Research)

The Background

The brand serves pizzas with the flavors of India in Canton, Michigan. It rolls out fusion pizzas that can be enjoyed by anyone, at any time, and at any place. Pizzawala’s had a great range of spicy Indian flavored pizzas prepared differently to satiate Indo-American, as well as American, taste buds.

The Study

We started with rigorous research and figured out that fusion pizzas were the strongest distinguishing factor of the brand as no big brands like Domino’s or Pizza Hut had it before. Thus, it was easy to place the brand in the market with an ideology – that if you want an experience out of the box – Come to Pizzawala’s.

We’ve also been through several American pizza brands to understand the trends, how they are interacting with their social media communities, participating in influencer-led activities, etc.

As we have progressed in our research, we figured out that they are actively involving digital media and web strategy providing SEO and SEM campaigns, website content strategy & development, and targeted email marketing campaigns.

The Approach

We developed a comprehensive marketing plan for the revamped brand to establish the online interaction base. Complementing this with digital, email and social media marketing. To drive new traffic along with the existing crowd, we run campaigns, paid ads with several contests across all the digital platforms.

Stellar Strategy

Making the brand to be reckoned with in a country where historically pizza production and its consumption has been so high is seen as discretionary is no easy task. But we knew it presented an opportunity and we aligned with the founders of Pizzawala’s and their vision to make this opportunity manifest as reality.

To create an impact, we started with emotional engagement with the native audience over digital platforms through social media, email marketing, and strategic SEO and SEM campaigns and then subtly aimed at global expansion through franchise business.

Groundbreaking Execution

Sports + Pizza = #Sportizza

As the brand was based in Detroit, connecting it with sports was the ideal thing to make an impact. In Detroit, watching sports with pizza go hand in hand, and this led us to roll out one of our most catchy campaigns ‘Sportizza’.

When any local, national or international game approached, our content only talked about that event to recall that game night calls for pizzas.


The #RelatableMuch series was based on how pizzas help you express hidden emotions, that too in a way that is understood by everyone.

It’s Not You, It’s Me!

It’s Not You, It’s Me! tried to amplify the experiences where pizza lovers do crazy, unbelievable things and go beyond extents to satisfy their cravings and no one blames them as they did it for pizza.

Website revamping

As the brand had a takeaway service, most of the customers used to order through the website. So, it was imperative to revamp the website through UX design and development, creating a user experience that made life easier for every demographic and providing them with an experience that adds to their delights.

Magical mailers

With email marketing, we started sending creative weekly mailers to all the customers which increased the engagement base of the brand.


Within a few months, we experienced a boost in engagement and acquired sustained growth, right from pre-sales, to discovery & awareness to the actual sale conversions.

  • Increased organic reach and engagement across all the digital channels
    • Total Reach: 700k+
    • Total Impressions: 2.7M+
    • Total Post shares: 130+
    • Total Post saves: 111+
    • Total Post reactions: 850+
    • Total Post comments: 30+
  • Snapchat Performance:
    • Total Impressions: 500k+
    • Swipe Ups: 2545+
  • Increased website traffic
    • Overall traffic increased by 50%
  • Increment in sales
    • The sales increased by an overall of 30% (compared to the previous year sales during the same time).
  • High engagement in Email Campaigns
    • Our email campaigns have seen upto 34% open rate (compared to peers).
    • Email click rate has also seen a high of 3% (compared to peers).

Key Takeaways/Learnings

Handling an American brand, that too from the territory of India, certainly came up with a few challenges for the entire team at Trizone. We started from scratch, built the brand, and created engagement in such a way that now Pizzawala’s has opened its first outlet in India in such a short span of time, and with this, we wish that Pizzawala’s reach newer heights and grow beyond boundaries.

Clients Speak

The services provided by the team Trizone exceeded our expectations. Right from strategy to approach and execution, everything elevated our brand and customer experience resulting in a boost to the overall engagement and increment in sales and footfall.Rikesh Patel

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