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Behind The Scenes Of Rann Ki Kahaaniya


No doubt Rann Utsav – The Tent City already had its fan base, but most of these visitors were families with age groups exceeding 40+. We were extremely honoured to host guests from such an age group but at the same time were aware that we could do better, and we have the potential to attract even the younger age group ranging from 25-45, and we took on this challenge!


We researched and realized that young travelers, when travelling are looking forward to creating new memories, moments, stories and not only that but also share these stories with the world. And here is exactly where we struck the million-dollar idea and we came up with the campaign called #RannKiKahaaniya.


As the major visiting audience is family at Rann Utsav – The Tent City, we showcased the entire journey of the fictional Mehta family and their experience at the festival by creating and filming a theme song ‘Rann Ki Kahaaniya’. Which was then followed by a series of videos, blogs, and emailers in which each member of the Mehta family is sharing his/her experience of visiting Rann Utsav -The Tent City. The song covered the experience of tent city, adventure activities, food, cultural nights, all locations which make for the itinerary along with bringing to the world, local art of Kutch like the Mud art, Wooden art, Rogan art, etc.

Because each family member has different taste/understanding/hobby from another, it was most important for us to showcase all aspects of Rann Utsav – The Tent City. We identified what a tourist will try to explore at Rann Utsav – The Tent City based on his/her hobby.

Mediums Used

Hoardings, Radio, Multiplex Advertisements, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, PR & Influencer marketing, Sponsorship, Magazine Advertisement and through participating in various Exhibitions & Expos.

The theme song #RannKiKahaaniya was used for multiplex advertisements, on social media platforms and YouTube advertising.

To leverage this campaign on-ground, we deployed photographers & videographers on-site to cover Kahaaniya (Stories) of our visitors. We also incorporated the campaign with on-site collaterals, developed a special theme pavilion which talked about the history of White Rann, the local art forms of Kutch and much more.

Through different PR activities, we also made #RannKiKahaaniya popular among the visitors which also helped us in getting user-generated content. We also invited social media influencers of Gujarat. One such personality was Gujarat’s most popular RJ, Aditi to Rann Utsav- The Tent City. The content generated through them generated 2 million+ impressions on TikTok while the Travel Diary of RJ Aditi was Retweeted by our Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi.

As regional language has an excellent impact on the local public, we promoted display advertisements in languages like Bengali, Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, etc, which helped us in attracting potential customers of Rann Utsav and increased website traffic from these regions.


  • Total impressions of campaigns on search engine: 5,04,75,325
  • Total impressions on TikTok: 2 Million+
  • 2 Million+ views of Rann Ki Kahaaniya theme song
  • 1.28 lac+ Increase in Facebook page like
  • 20 million+ reach through different PR activities
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