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Aadicura – Rebirth of a Legacy

Big Brand Challenge

Aadicura – Rebirth of a Legacy

Aadicura is unlike any project we’ve ever handled. For a change, we had, not one or two, but a full list of 22 specialists that were on the path to create a landmark new healthcare destination in Vadodara.

The challenge was to present the stellar vision of all of them in one piece of communication. We were not dealing with a single brand this time, but 22 different brands, as each and every doctor is known for their unique specialization across the world, making them all extraordinary in their own league. We not only had to take care of their vision, their goals, and their aspirations, we also had to ensure we made our audiences understand how healthcare was about to change forever.

Pivotal Groundwork (Research)

The Background

Understanding the Core

Hospitals, and in general the healthcare landscape, had been in the limelight for a while, courtesy a global pandemic. Our initial background study told us that the topic of health was pretty sensitive as the sentiments were fresh, and the emotions were running high. It was thin ice we were walking on and the time was trivial to do an ad for a new hospital that was led by reputed names in the sphere.

The Study

Deepdive into Data

We did a dipstick study of a small group of people at the beginning of the project one year ago, the age range being 22-55 consisting of both men and women. The questionnaire included everything from the trust factor, transparency, a deeper understanding of how patient-centric is the approach by healthcare institutions today, and what are the utmost necessary points before considering any medical service.

As we progressed in our research, the numbers revealed one crucial angle. While the average trust factor was close to 66%, the hope from these institutions was still high, as close to 87% respondents believed that a new medical facility, with better healthcare infrastructure combined with a patient-centric approach, would be very ideal in today’s time.

The Approach

Pave the Path

The research we conducted was the most important part of our journey to building a great healthcare brand. It not only showed us what the underlying, silent sentiments our audiences had with regard to healthcare institutes, it also gave us a glimpse into what their expectations were, from a new institute that wanted to truly bring a revolution. We learned, unlearned, understood and planned everything from the result of this.

The next step was zeroing in on our approach that tied everything together – our new-found understanding of the healthcare sphere, the vision of our superspecialists, and what can truly connect with our audiences on an emotional level.

Our approach had to be holistic and the language had to resonate warmth, the expertise our superspecialists possessed, as well as their grand vision to lead the healthcare space.

Stellar Strategy

After a very careful consideration of – all the data from the audience research, the number of points to be communicated, the individually strong branding of each of the doctors, and the underlying sentiments of our audiences, we came to the conclusion that a single campaign wouldn’t do justice to all of this. The message we wanted to convey was beyond the power of a single piece of communication.

But at the same time, we also had to be careful not to dilute the essence of the message. To tackle this strategic challenge, we took a conventional approach. We split the announcement of this new healthcare landmark across 3 campaigns – The pre-launch, the launch and the post-launch.

This helped us give enough importance to each aspect we wanted to highlight. We compartmentalized our communication where individual pain-points were addressed, as well as the communication, when seen from a holistic perspective, also delivers the message.

Groundbreaking Execution

Phase 1

The first campaign was an ode to the spirit of all healthcare professionals. It came from the strong insight that any medical personnel will never look away from challenges. While others, including the patients themselves, would be in a state of doubt, the doctors would march forward with a positive mindset. To highlight this, the first campaign spoke about the positive approach taken by all healthcare professionals with “Why Not”. The campaign drew in a lot of talk.

Phase 2

The second phase of the campaign was the announcement of the launch of Aadicura. We simply but strategically called the campaign “A Legacy Reborn.” The idea behind this was to introduce a new healthcare landmark that was not run like a business, but by a group of superspecialists who took pride in their approach of putting patients first. Each and every doctor who is a part of team Aadicura, is an institution in themselves. Their collaboration is nothing short of their legacy being reborn as a single brand.

Phase 3

The third phase was as crucial as the first two. Simply for the fact that this time, we projected how we are going to humanize healthcare. This patient-centric campaign spoke about how we go beyond the physical, and understand the sentimental value of each and every organ in our lives. This campaign was designed to instantly connect with the audiences, sending a strong message that we are not just a hospital, but a place where human values and emotions take precedence.


Within a few months, we experienced a boost in engagement and acquired sustained growth, right from pre-sales, to discovery & awareness to the actual sale conversions.

Statistics so far

  • 22,000+ OPD Patients
  • 2,000+ IP Admission
  • 2,500+ Endoscopy, Brocchoscopy & Thoracoscopy
  • 1,900+ Surgeries/ Angioplasties
  • 450+ Critical care admissions

Key Takeaways/Learnings

The entire journey was a phenomenal learning experience for every single team at Trizone. Be it copy or design, digital or planning, the information, the data and the understanding this project brought us, will stay forever.

Here’s how we measured the impact:

  • Brand awareness and recognition across the city
  • Audience engagement and website traffic 
  • Employment opportunities created
  • Belief in patient-centric approach
  • Wider and organic media coverage

Clients Speak

Accolades and Appreciation. The three campaigns outdid our expectations by a mile. 

It was not just the city-wide presence of the hospital that became the talk of the town, but also the communication that delivered a strong message.

Team Aadicura was immensely grateful for our expertise, the deepdive statistics and in-depth research that helped us create a brilliant creative roadmap for the institution.

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