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We are a bunch of misfits

Helping people find the right fit

A painter-forced-to-study-management turned Creative Director. A healthcare marketing guru turned Director. An education counsellor turned Client Servicing Head. A code writer turned Graphic Designer. An accountant from a chemical company turned Finance Head. A botany student turned Copywriter. A football player turned Digital Account Manager. Engineers turned Sr. Account execs. A barista turned Copy Head. An armoury of young guns turning every convention on its head. Being a misfit is in our DNA.

Is Chai Your Poison?

When a bunch of misfits work together it gets quite crazy, a nice hot chai at the gazebo surely helps. We love the work we do and do the work we love! Fearless creativity, outdoing the ordinary, working hard with relentless passion and a never say die attitude to exceed expectations every time are some of our superpowers. While you work with us, you’re working on yourself and while we grow you progress too.

If you are an individual who prefers creating your own space rather than just trying to fit in, this is the place for you. Come create your own story, start by writing to us at

Job Openings

01. Client Service - Executive
Position : Client Service - Executive
Location : Vadodara/Gandhinagar
No. of Vacancy(ies) : 2
Required Skills :
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Analytical, decision-making and management skills
  • Knowledge of Advertising and Marketing
  • Excellent Communication skills
  • Must have worked in Govt. department
Experience : 1.5 years+ of experience in Media and Ad agency
Education : Masters in Mass-communication, Business Administration

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