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United Way of Baroda Goes Global


United Way of Baroda is an NGO and its annual fund-raising event, United Way Garba Mahotsav or Uway is a beloved Intellectual Brand Property in Baroda. All Barodians and Gujaratis in the country and NRGs eagerly wait for this event every year like a true fan. This religious celebration of 9 days has been happening for more than 25 years, where at the centre stage is Shri Atul Purohit (known as King of Garba). Atul Kaka is a truly admired artist across the globe with a great fan following on the internet.

Associated with the festival of Navratri for more than two decades, United Way Baroda has evolved so much and has earned genuine fans from around the world. This NGO that supports the healthcare and lifestyle needs of the underprivileged and organizes the ‘United Way Garba Mahotsav’ was looking to create and sustain a strong digital presence and this is the story of how we did it.


1. Social Media Management / Live Event Marketing and Promotions

2. Live Event Broadcasting

3. Project Documentation Video Films


1. Social Media Management / Live Event Marketing and Promotions


Trizone India was responsible for managing the social media profiles and their marketing. A team of creatives worked closely to create and share beautiful and engaging content and ran a contest during the festival every year. A team of experienced content creators including video producers, photographers, journalists were deployed on-ground to gather and cover the event live which was promoted from Ground 0. Real-time pictures, videos, and Boomerangs were posted on social media to achieve maximum engagement and reach. Short video clips of celebrity attendees were also posted to get the engagement of the audience. Every day around 40000 players play the Garba on Ground, all of whom are highly active on social media and have a craze of uploading selfies around the festival season.

Noticing this, we promoted the ‘#’ to increase our reach and views, and hand an on-ground activation model with 2 LED screens, which were utilized to engage the audience with selfie contests, information flashes, event updates, etc.

2. Live Event Broadcasting


Our digital streaming wing and video editing team worked together to make sure that all 10 days of Garba were streamed on our Youtube and Facebook Profile everyday with uninterrupted broadcasting services. The Marketing team at Trizone India, created a sponsor valuation over its online broadcasting feed, owing to our million viewership base on the respective platforms which has over 10 million + Views.

3. Project Documentation video films

Different programs benefiting thousands

Our video production team was a key part of working closely with the team members of United Way to understand and learn about their programs and capture stories of the beneficiaries, which helps them in Stakeholder communications.

Vigyan Express by United Way of Baroda

We work towards the causes we believe in!#UnitedWay #UnitedWayofBaroda #vadodara #Gujarat

United Way of Baroda यांनी वर पोस्ट केले मंगळवार, १५ ऑक्टोबर, २०१९


UWAY2017 netted the brand a combined 7.8 Million Impressions.

In 9 days during which the Garba event was broadcast Live on Facebook and YouTube, all the videos gathered more than 1,346,156 views on YouTube and 1,546,446 views on Facebook.

On Instagram Stories, the brand achieved 389K views, and engagement of 353K, whereas on Facebook, the brand achieved an engagement of 878508. On YouTube, UWAY2017 helped the brand receive an engagement of 30K.

United Way Baroda gained more than 10K Subscribers on YouTube. The campaign also helped United Way Baroda achieve a 100% increase in Facebook followers as the number rose from 22,000 to 44,000 by the conclusion of the campaign.

On Instagram, the brand witnessed a growth of more than 8K followers as their numbers rose from 2K to 10K as the campaign concluded.

After the success of UWAY2017, each year we increased the ratio of our success. And in 3 years we never did a paid campaign. All this has been achieved organically. The below data is the proof of the well-planned strategy and efforts of our team.


Latest Mention by the renowned Telly Star and Member of Parliament Smt. Smriti Irani

Digital Metrics 2018 2019 Percent Rise
Subscribers 44 K+ 90 K+ 105%
Views 2 Million 5 Million 150%
Shares 22,675 50,190 121%
Comments 35,742 1,01,312 184%
Watchtime 1.4 Million 28.8 Million 1957%
  • 1957% increase in watchtime compared to previous year
  • 150% increase in total views from previous years
Digital Metrics 2018 2019 Percentage Rise
Reach 41,20,740 76,22,999 84%
Followers 60,952 80,606 32%
Likes 55,720 68,574 23%
Shares 15,880 23,221 46%
  • A total of 220+ communications were published on Facebook
  • Total Reach during the tenure was 1.2 Million+ Total Engagement during the tenure was 2.1 Million+
  • Total increase in Page Like during the tenure was 12000+
  • Total increase in Page followers during the tenure was 20000+
Digital Metrics 2018 2019 Percentage Rise
Reach 4,93,351 6,007,59 22%
Followers 29000 45900 58%
Post 150 165 10%
Story 150 250+ 67%
Engagement 25,528 26,321 3%
  • The total Follower base increased by 58% compared to previous season
  • The total Reach increased by 22% compared to previous season
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