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Accuteeth was a totally new brand in a comparatively new market with a very few players in the market. Awareness about the product itself was quite low. This meant that there was a lot of scope for business but equally difficult challenge to brand and sell the product.


Crafted a precise strategy of tapping the painpoints of people across age groups and professions and weaving them with how Accuteeth would make a difference. The entire brand identity was created to look friendly and welcoming. This was applied every collateral, package design, interior branding, etc.

Client: Accuteeth

Sector: Healthcare

Accuteeth is a teeth aligner brand from Vadodara that aims to become a national player in a short span. With increasing demand in the beauty industry, Accuteeth pitches itself to be a perfect solution for teeth deformities of all kinds. It’s painless, gentle and transparent.

Services: Brand Audit, Brand identity, Brand Story, Brand Governance, Brand Strategy, Brand Logo and Manual, Brand Architecture, Brand Experience, Brand Messaging and Tonality, Brand Social Media Guidelines, Market Research, Competitor Research and Analysis, Market Entry Strategy, Content Films, Influencers Marketing, Paid Campaigns, Social PR, Network Management, Blogs and Content Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Dynamic eCommerce website development, Website UI Design, Website UX Development, App UI Development, Payment Gateway Integration, Website Performance Management, Venue Design and Art Direction.



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