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The brand wanted to boast about its diverse range of natural and authentic products. The entire range included antivirus and personal care that had neem as its hero ingredient. The target crowd for both the product ranges was different and so they had to be positioned differently. There were not many existing competitors in the same budget range but the available ones were huge enough.


Working with the client to understand the R&D behind our core ranges, we knew that consumers looked at Neemax, as a better alternative to natural personal care products. Setting up a new color palette and packaging meant giving the brand a new lease of life. We took the brand online for an all-new digital social media experience which allowed its consumers to understand the products and gain insight into what benefits they offered. The brand received an extensive work to meet the set contemporary needs that were desired by the target audience.

Client: Neemax

Sector: FMCG

Neemax began with the concept of using Neem Seed Oil as its hero ingredient for its entire product range. With a vision of using neem and unraveling the mystery of this 5000-year-old herb, Neemax was determined to depict versatility in all its products.

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