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Dr. Vein Clinics


Dr. Vein is a clinic founded by a group of vascular surgeons. They needed a strong visual identiy and online presence.


Trizone's logo for Dr.Veins had bold colours and balanced typography. The collateral was designed to communicate the company's identity as experienced phlebologists.

Client: Dr. Vein Clinics

Sector: Healthcare

The healthcare industry is a saturated market. For companies aiming to increase patient acquisition and grow their business, healthcare branding is crucial; it helps organizations be perceived as knowledgeable, caring, and trustworthy. And creating that perception in the minds of patients is what helps brands stand out. Trust is conveyed through visual identity–colours, photography, and typography all come together to form an idea of the brand.

Services: Brand Identity, Brand Collateral, Logo Design, Website Development, Website Design



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