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Aadicura Superspeciality Hospital


Aadicura, unlike any project we handled, had not one or two, but a full list of 22 specialists that were on the path to creating a landmark new healthcare destination in Vadodara.
The challenge was to present the stellar vision of all of them in one piece of communication. We were not dealing with a single brand this time, but 22 different brands, as each and every doctor is known for their unique specialization across the world, making them all extraordinary in their own league. We not only had to take care of their vision, their goals, and their aspirations, but we also had to ensure we made our audiences understand how healthcare was about to change forever.


The research we conducted was the most important part of our journey to building a great healthcare brand. It also helped us give enough importance to each aspect we wanted to highlight. We compartmentalized our communication where individual pain points were addressed. Our campaigns were designed to instantly connect with the audiences, sending a strong message that we are not just a hospital, but a place where human values and emotions take precedence.

Client: Aadicura Superspeciality Hospital

Sector: Healthcare

Aadicura Superspeciality Hospital is an amalgamation of advanced medical expertise with a unique patient-centric approach crafted to care for their patients. It hosted Vadodara’s top specialists with more than three decades of experience in patient-care, medicine and technology who united with a vision to ensure the city is always in the best of hands when it comes to healthcare.

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